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TrafficIQ TM

TrafficIQ Lite is a light-weight and intuitive reporting web application that helps retailers and mall operators turn people counting metrics into actionable insights. TrafficIQ Lite reports on arrivals, exits, and occupancy for the current day as well as for a custom time period. It is cloud-based and can be hosted by Brickstream or behind your firewall.

Key features include:

  • At-a-glance view of traffic, both intra-day as well as historical periods
  • Flexible reporting by selecting date ranges and aggregation levels
  • Toggle between locations based on level of permission

TrafficIQ Lite
Lite in name and footprint only, not in capabilities

  • Real-Time Traffic – At a glance, intra-day traffic for Store Arrivals, Exits, and Occupancy.
  • Metrics displayed both numerically, as well as in an inline trend chart (15 minutes intervals) for the day so far.
  • Tooltips – Arrows show improvement or decline of the metric compared to the same day of the previous week.
  • Data updates – Configurable frequencies: one minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes (set on the Brickstream smart device).
  • Site Selections – Toggle between different companies and sites based on your permissions.
  • Export to CSV – Quickly export results to a comma separated value (CSV) file for sharing with others or importing into dashboards or business intelligence tools.
  • Flexible – Support multiple simultaneous users; Customise text and colors; local language support (English characters only).
  • No in-store PC required
  • Historical Traffic Reports – Customise and export your report based on the following parameters:
    – Start and End Time
    – Time Period (Aggregation Level)