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Alarming Wraps

The Hawk-Grip alarming wraps allow retailers to maximise shop floor visibility of the merchandise while offering high level of protection. The expandable wire comes in two different lengths and can be adjusted to fit a variety of products.
The alarming wraps, available in both AM and RF versions, work on a 4-alarm system ensuring high level of security.
It alarms, (1) when the device is unlocked, (2) when the wires are cut, (3) when the device is near any EAS pedestal and (4) it causes the nearby EAS pedestal to sound alarm.

Safely protect your merchandise in four different ways

  • Alarms if cut or tampered
  • Alarms when it is near EAS system
  • Activates EAS alarm if protected merchandise enter the detection field
  • Alarms when forced to be disarmed


  • Allows maximum viewing of merchandise
  • Loud and audible alarm at 100db
  • Lock/unlock without magnetic-detacher
  • Easy operation with handy-resetter
  • Low power design