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Brickstream | Smart People Counter

Brickstream LIVE
Brickstream LIVE is the first and only device to combine 3D customer behaviour analytics, a high resolution video camera and wireless-based proximity data analytics within a single platform, freeing businesses from the burden and expense of deploying separate, multiple technologies for people counting, queue and behaviour analysis, and security and loss prevention. By integrating video analytics and data management at the edge, Brickstream LIVE frees businesses from the burden and expense of deploying separate technologies for people counting, queue and behaviour analysis, and security/loss prevention.

Brickstream 3D
The Brickstream 3D is the next-generation 3D video appliance. The Smart Device utilises advanced stereo vision and path tracking technology to provide accurate data under a broad set of environmental conditions such as high traffic and dynamic lighting in both indoor and outdoor environments. Now, traffic metrics, queue metrics, service metrics, other in-store metrics are captured and analysed in a single smart device. Accurate data collection forms the foundation for a robust behaviour analytic solution.

Brickstream 2D
The Brickstream 2D Smart Device is an intelligent edge device designed for overhead placement, to count people in/out of the stores where 3D capture is not needed, for use as a door counter queue capture, analysis and management are not required. When price is a premium, the 2D single lens camera provides accurate customer counting in indoor environments with low to medium traffic volumes and consistent lighting.

Features on all Brickstream smart devices include:

  • Object filtering based on height, shape and size, i.e. children, shopping carts, and strollers as desired and counts them, simultaneously, in separate data streams
  • Robust and accurate metrics across a broad set of environments: indoor/outdoor and high traffic
  • Automatic adjustments to environmental changes, such as lighting, shadows and temperature
  • Fully IP-based, enabling remote management and support, including software upgrades and 802.3af Power over Ethernet
  • Fully self-contained with no need for additional in-store equipment required for data collection and delivery
  • Simple, intuitive web interface via the Brickstream Device Manager provides full device configuration, calibration and management capabilities
  • Supports real-time video and data delivery or scheduled data output for remote data validation
  • Lightweight, unobtrusive form factor blends into ceilings and walls
  • Easy, unobtrusive, overhead mounting with support for oblique view
  • Fully secure with access only through authorized login and password through the Brickstream Brickstream Device Manager
  • HTTPS encrypted web-browser interface
  • Simple, fast scalability by simply adding devices